What Has Inspired Me Lately

Each week I’ll be posting the things that have inspired me. Whether it be podcasts, books, research, or people, these are the things I think are worth sharing with everyone to hopefully inspire you as well.

I haven’t written in a couple of weeks because I have been focusing on some other things in my life such as discipline in other areas and building health habit loops. I have a couple of articles queued up that should be finished in the next few days. In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of things that I have found incredibly inspiring the past couple of weeks and I hope you will check them out.

[Podcast] “How To Make The Decision To Do The Impossible”

This is an amazing interview with Siri Lindley, who was one of the world’s top triathletes and is now one of the world’s top coaches. Tony digs into what made her want to accomplish what no one thought would be possible and why she kept going after her disastrous first event. This interview has fantastic life advice and lots of little bits that we can each apply each day to whatever it is we’re trying to achieve. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to this, maybe on your drive to work or better yet, at the gym.

The Power of Habit may turn out to be the best book I’ve ever read. I believe, even through the first few chapters that this book can be completely life-changing for people. This book delves into the science of habits. How do we create them (or how are they created for us)? How do we get rid of them (answer: we don’t)? How do we replace them? When we talk about discipline, we’re really talking about our habits and how they shape what we do even without thinking about it.

This book, if you pay attention and apply the science behind what is in it, has the potential to help you make any change that you want. My advice would be to put down any other book you are reading and read this one instead and then decide how you can use it to change yourself for the better.



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