Weekly Inspiration

Each week I’ll be posting the things that have inspired me. Whether it be podcasts, books, research, or people, these are the things I think are worth sharing with everyone to hopefully inspire you as well.

This week has been great. I’ve done a lot of reading, reflecting, and I also made it to the gym every day this week (self-high-five!). Here are the things that inspired me this week.

Anders Ericsson is the worlds foremost expert on, well, expertise. He is responsible for the research that produced the 10,000 hour metric, and also the one responsible for coining the term deliberate practice.  In his book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertisehe works to describe to the general population how expertise is formed (no, it’s not that some people have a gift) and to describe the significant role of deliberate practice and what it is. In one chapter, to describe how adaptable the brain and body are, he describes homeostasis using physical change to help illustrate. It is a great scientific breakdown of why, on a cellular level, it can be so hard to lose weight or gain muscle, and how to do it effectively, and why when you make those changes it can be so difficult to maintain them. I’m working on an article referencing this chapter that I will be releasing next week.

One of my goals is to be a great parent. In order to be the parent I want to be I’m always looking for strategies to better communicate with my kids in ways that are fair and build up their confidence and self-discipline. Doing this can be very difficult at times, as our patience shrinks after a night with little sleep, or they keep doing that non-harmful yet annoying thing when you have a headache. Sometimes we respond in a less than optimal way. In doing so, we can unintentionally marginalize their feelings.

I’ve gathered a number of books from child psychologists to help me find better strategies for communication. When I began reading How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide For Living With Children Ages 2 – 7, I jotted down at least a dozen things I had said or things I had handled in a sub-optimal way. I was on page 9. I’m a little deeper into the book and I’ve begun using some of the recommended strategies and I’ve already seen them working. I can’t wait to dig deeper.

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